The Screenwriter’s Roadmap To Getting Produced… With Joey Tuccio…

Creating A Lifelong Professional Career As A Screenwriter

Do you want to get paid to write feature film and television screenplays?

It's 2019 and if you do, you need to start thinking like a creative entrepreneur. It’s a competitive business and talent will only get you so far. You know this of course. But what is the answer?

It begins with the acceptance that no matter how good your writing is (and it will always get better), it’s your business strategy, your relationships that may hold you back more.

Building the roadmap to success, attracting a team through your talent and vision, then walking the talk with confidence and courage is the less trodden path we MUST take to find the success we so desire. 


Date: June 1st and 2nd (Saturday / Sunday) limited seating.
Venue: Ealing Studios, Ealing Green, London W5 5EP
Tickets: £199


We are excited to announce that this masterclass is run in association with the Met Film School at Ealing Studios. You can find out more about the Met Film School at


'I’ve known Joey for a number of years and have always admired his ability to recognize talent, and help young screenwriters he believes in gain the tools they need to take their careers to the next level.''
Sean Berard, Agent, APA

Joey Tuccio has to date been a key partner in 74 screenwriters moving from the dream of being a screenwriter, into the practical realities of getting produced, getting an agent, and in LA, also the important team members of a manager and lawyer too.

It’s ALL about craft that sizzles to sell, strategies proven to win overall success, tactics to move forward daily, partnerships to open doors, and a professional sheen that impresses the people with power immediately.

Consider… You are the CEO of YOUR creative business and you need a clear roadmap to success as defined by…

  • Getting paid to write what you love.
  • Getting produced.
  • Maintaining the momentum for a lifelong career.

If a pragmatic, professional, results driven approach to your screenwriting career sounds like the path you want to take, then this two day masterclass with Joey is unmissable.

We are flying Joey in from Hollywood especially for this event so this is your only chance to see him outside of Los Angeles in the next year or so. And we invited Joey to this because he was our highest rated speaker at the last London Screenwriters’ Festival, attracting packed audiences and raving feedback.


‘Joey's knowledge on what it takes to craft a story, his ability to work with writers and provide them with the necessary stepping stones to further their career, and his overall positive demeanor make him an amazing person to work with’
Dan Ingram, Head of Story Development, De Laurentiis Company

Course Schedule

9:00 Overview of the Professional Screenwriting Industry From The Inside

Setting out your career to write for an international market. How does an unrepresented screenwriter get representation and produced rapidly?

  • The philosophy of screenwriting to get paid
  • The business in LA
  • The culture shock for Brits in LA and the good news
  • The trifecta of Agent, Manager and Lawyer
  • The importance of the people lower down the ladder
  • Why not get on a plane and fly to LA? And how to do it now

10:30 Break

10:45 Winning the hearts and minds of execs in 60 seconds

And not just the Execs, the Agents, Managers and their teams also. Your opening page will get people excited to meet you OR put you back to the bottom of the pile to languish with the other hopefuls. And there are tens of thousands in that pile.

Learn what the people who matter most look for in the opening pages and how to avoid the most common reasons why execs pass (and you might be doing it and not even know it!).

From the cover page, to character intros, to creating cinematic set pieces…this opening page analysis will cover how to make the executive hooked by page 10.

  • What goes on a cover page (and a nifty trick that execs like that no writers do).
  • How to make sure an exec doesn’t pass without reading a single word (and yes it happens often!)
  • How to beat execs at their own game when they are skimming a script.
  • Injecting your voice in the first few pages to show the exec you have a fresh writing style.
  • Starting the script at a solid pace.
  • Making your characters pop before they say a single word.

12:45pm – 1.30pm: 'The Convincer'... Live First Page Analysis

Applying the invaluable techniques from the first half of the morning Joey will show how to turn YOUR opening pages into essential, compelling and immediately engaging reading for executives.

* Projects workshopped will be by submission only. Submission details will be sent with your ticket when you sign up. You will have a submission link in the email you receive after buying your pass. 

1.30pm – 2.15pm: LUNCH

2.15pm – 5.15pm: Pitching in the real world at parties, in offices and elevators

Pitching is a word that strikes fear into the heart of most writers. Consider though, it’s a simple convincer, a way to get someone to lean in and say ‘tell me more…’ From then on it gets much easier. Most projects don’t survive this important first exposure so learning the different techniques and when to apply them is as important as good grammar, spelling and clean clothes for your encounters…

  • The different types of pitching and when you should be prepared to do any of those.
  • How and when to pitch yourself as a writer.
  • How to start your story pitch.
  • The most important elements that need to be in any pitch.
  • The overall structure of a pitch.
  • How to end your story pitch.
  • Typical questions execs ask at the end of a pitch.
  • How to end the actual overall pitch (not just the story pitch).
  • The difference between TV and feature pitches.

5.15pm – 6.15pm: Everything You Wanted to Ask About Writing Commercially, but Never Dared Ask

In this candid and confidential conversation, you get to ask Joey the questions most people dodge ‘on stage’.


6:15 Break

7:00 – 9.00pm The Pitch Factor LIVE

Want to pitch it to our industry professional judges and Joey? Put £5 into the pot and then you have 2 minutes to pitch your script. And winner takes the pot!


This is a great and FUN opportunity to practice your pitch LIVE with industry guests and immediate feedback.


We run this at LondonSWF and it's always an electric and packed experience.

Day One Closes

‘I really loved Joey. New take, no bullshit industry advice and a reminder that writers need to use their voice and make it unabashedly stronger. He was wonderfully practical and not too overly-intellectual’
Thesy Surface, Screenwriter

Day Two... 9.30am – 10.00am: Organising the overload!

A recap on the most important insights from day one, and your chance to ask questions that bubbled up from your subconscious overnight. Drink your coffee and buckle up for…


10.00am – 11.30am: Creating Powerful Friends In The Industry

Some people call this Networking, which of course it is. But it often feels more authentic and less like terrifying activity if we step back and accept that this is just about making friends. Friends who can help. And then to some degree, industrializing this process.

  • Doing the research – where to find and how to get into the parties, premieres and events you need to be at.
  • How to put your best self out there.
  • Tips and strategies for facing your fear.
  • It’s the little things: how to make yourself memorable and significant before you’ve even got in the room.
  • Just be human: It’s not all about the business card…friends hire friends.
  • How oftentimes not pitching can get you the best results.
  • How to dress.

11.30am – 11.45pm: Break

12.00pm – 1.00pm: Guest Speaker TBC

Meet a successful screenwriter who has forged a career in LA while also living in the UK. It can be done, has been done, and they will share how they do it.


1.00pm – 2.00pm: LUNCH

2.00pm – 3.30pm: The Networking led to the pitch… The pitch leads to… The General Meeting

Once someone is interested in you or your project (and they are always interested in YOU way more than the project) they will request a first meeting. Perhaps at their office, or maybe over coffee. This is a General Meeting, AKA a Meet and Greet, and you will do hundreds of them over your career. During a fortnight trip to LA you could easily expect to take in excess of 20 general meetings, starting at breakfast and leading all the way into the early evening before bedtime. Execs in LA go to bed curiously early for European sensibility.

  • What to prepare for a general meeting.
  • The most important thing to remember in any general meeting.
  • How long a general meeting usually is and how they are usually structured.
  • How to make sure you GET THE RESULT YOU WANT from any general meeting.
  • What to leave behind.
  • How to follow up.

3.30pm – 3:45pm: Break

3:45pm – 6.00pm: Making It Real / Next Steps To Take NOW

Bringing everything we have learned full circle, we dynamically create YOUR roadmap to success.
We will go into detail on HOW writers find managers, producers, agents and execs and build the roadmap. What you can do from the UK, what you can achieve in fourteen days in LA, who to approach and with what.

Joey will go through the most popular companies and share what each company is actively looking for NOW, which people they should be approaching NOW and how to do so.

The key to success with Joey is accessing the experience of HOW to do it.

  • Leveraging your talent and work in a SMART and COMMERCIAL framework.
  • Exploiting the UP TO DATE intel that Joey will share.
  • Finally, the action plan.
  • Deadlines are set, promises are made and the rest, is now up to you and your talent. 

6.00pm – 6.30pm: Final Questions and Wrap-Up

Joey will take final questions before we close at 6:30.