What have people experienced?

Joey has personally helped 74 screenwriters get representation over the last eighteen months. That number rises weekly. Here's what people who have worked with him or heard him speak have shared.

'I’ve known Joey for a number of years now and have always admired his ability to recognize talent, and help young screenwriters he believes in gain the tools they need to take their careers to the next level.'
Sean Berard, Agent, APA


‘There aren’t many people in this industry who can manage being attentive, generous, and thoughtful all at the same time. Joey is one of those people. Always a source of constant enthusiasm and kindness, he is also one of the smartest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His knowledge on what it takes to craft a story, his ability to work with writers and provide them with the necessary stepping stones to further their career, and his overall positive demeanor make him an amazing person to work with and I look forward to it every time.’
Dan Ingram, Head of Story Development, De Laurentiis Company


‘Joey is incredible. He speaks truth, honesty and he genuinely seems to care about nurturing writers.’
Mark Renshaw, Screenwriter

‘Joey is inspiring and hilarious, he tells it like it is.’
Teresa Bailey, Screenwriter

‘Joey’s energy is brilliant and so refreshing.’
Alex Dawson, Screenwriter

‘Joey Tuccio's ‘Crushing the Meeting’ session was brilliant. He's passionate and fully transmitted his energy to the audience.’
Lorenzo Colonna, Screenwriter

‘Joey Tuccio was amazing. Such presence! And such real and right up-to-the minute industry advice.’
Fiona, Screenwriter

‘Joey Tucci was my favourite speaker. Electric, funny and his insights into pitching and meetings were inspiring and shook the dust off some of the rules that get over-emphasised. Be bold. Stand out!’
David Laurie, Screenwriter

‘Joey Tuccio was the best speaker I've seen in my years of LSF. He covered everything from writing style and helpful tips all the way through how to best approach the pitching and post-pitching process. Someone with lots of hands on practical experience in LA and very up to date with his knowledge. VERY inspirational and a powerhouse of energy. Get him back!’
Jane, Screenwriter

‘I really loved Joey. New take, no bullshit industry advice and a reminder that writers need to use their voice and make it unabashedly stronger. He was wonderfully practical and not too overly-intellectual. Did not know much about Roadmap till I saw his first 10 pages session. Happily surprised!’
Thesy Surface, Screenwriter

‘For me, Joey Tuccio was a breath of fresh air and explained how you can maintain a good relationship that can lead to a commission.’
Alice Onwordi, Screenwriter

‘Joey’s ‘Crushing the Meeting’ session was honest, brutal and a lot of fun. If you want to know how you are being seen from the other side of the aisle, this is the session for you!”
Wisse Stolk, Screenwriter

‘Joey Tuccio’s ‘First 10 Pages’ session really complimented the other sessions and drove home the reality of the script reading process with awesome hints and tips re; how to move your script along and keep the interest of producers/agents etc...’
John, Screenwriter

‘Joey Tuccio, flying high!!! They actually got you on a plane! Can you imagine? Luvya Joey, the writers' secret weapon, heat-seeking missile, scorching earth and marching us onwards.’
Fiona, Screenwriter

‘Joey Tuccio - you are a god, I love you lol. That was amazing. Please venture outside your apartment more often.’
Mark Renshaw, Screenwriter

‘Dare I fanboy over Joey again but his presence is super refreshing and he was just a god damn joy.’
Alex Dawson, Screenwriter

‘Joey, your wisdom and personality was amazing!’
Wojciech Filaber, Screenwriter

‘Joey Tuccio - We know that it was a big thing or you to get in a 'flyng tin can' to be there for us this weekend. I, for one, am massively grateful. You are a warm, funny, wise human being and your honesty and humour earned you many new followers. Stay safe, we hope you brave the tin cans again one day. LSWF was richer with your presence.’
Jane, Screenwriter

‘Joey, so pleased you got on the plane! Fantastic talk, learned so much.’
Miranda Simmons, Screenwriter

‘Joey, I hope your flight back was a bit better with the LSF entrance cheer in the back of your mind. If you ever dare cross the ocean again, please know we are waiting and loving every minute of your sessions!’
Wisse Stolk, Screenwriter

‘Joey Tuccio was extremely entertaining and relatable. I went to the chat session after just because of his energy.’
Mel Evans, Screenwriter

‘In a business that is often defined by artifice, Joey is the polar opposite: loyal, kind, tremendously insightful and well-connected’
Ian Simpson, Writer

'Joey has been an amazing friend and advocate for me as a writer. He has taught me an enormous amount about pitching and how to navigate the business in general.'
Julie Livingston, Writer


'Joey Tuccio is the best and has the writer's best interest at heart. He's always striving to provide writers with the tools they need to move forward with their career.'
Benji Smith, Writer